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 Department of Chemistry and Polymer Sciences
Chemistry - Academic Departments

Resources and courses at the University of Steelenbosch, Matieland, South Africa.

 Division of Applied Radiation Chemistry
Chemistry - Academic Departments

Part of the Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz, Poland. We deal with problems of radiation chemistry, theory of radiation crosslinking and degradation of polymers, polymerisation, fast reaction kinetics, free radicals.

 Institute of Physical Chemistry
Chemistry - Academic Departments

A research and educational unit within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

 Institute of Physical Chemistry - University Halle
Chemistry - Academic Departments

Biological Model Membranes and monolayers, Lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals, X-Ray structure analysis and surface tension measurements.

 International University Chemistry Departments
Chemistry - Academic Departments

A collaborative project where each country is indexed by a webmaster in that country.

 P. E. Technikon Department of Chemistry
Chemistry - Academic Departments

General information about the staff, students, courses offered as well as the research done in industrial catalysis, calorimetry, electrochemistry and environmental chemistry.

 Physical Chemistry and Colloid Science
Chemistry - Academic Departments

Department at the Wageningen University.