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 British Zeolite Association
Chemistry - Catalysis

Promotes zeolite science in the UK. Information on the materials, news and events, and links to other resources.

 CIEC Catalysis
Chemistry - Catalysis

Educational site with illustrated articles on the principles of catalysis, catalyst application areas, and a glossary.

 Czech Zeolite Group
Chemistry - Catalysis

Division of the Czech Chemical Society focused on academic and industrial researchers interested in natural and synthetic zeolite-based molecular sieves.

 Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA)
Chemistry - Catalysis

Scientific organization, organizing meetings and workshops in areas such as zeolite synthesis, ordered mesoporous materials, and catalytic applications.

 International Mesostructured Materials Association (IMMA)
Chemistry - Catalysis

Organization of scientists active in the field presents its officers, bylaws, and a meeting calendar.

 Italian Zeolite Association
Chemistry - Catalysis

Organization promoting study and research of all aspects of zeolite science and technology in Italy. Information about membership, events, and activities.

 Lehigh University: Operando
Chemistry - Catalysis

Describes a facility for spectroscopic characterization of catalysts under realistic reaction conditions with simultaneous real-time online analysis of reaction products. Overview of techniques and research projects.

 The International Natural Zeolite Association
Chemistry - Catalysis

Scientific and technical organization focused on natural zeolite materials. Publications, membership information, event calendar.

 Wikipedia: Catalysis
Chemistry - Catalysis

Encyclopedia entry providing definition of catalysis and related terms, history, and an overview of important catalytic processes.