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Search Engines

Search engine for computer science and related matters. For all results number of citations are given which allows to estimate the importance of a paper in a given context. Most of the papers are cached and available for direct download as postscript or PDF.

 ISI Highly Cited
Search Engines

A search tool to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades.

Search Engines

A species search engine from Rod Page of Glasgow University. Search on either the common or Latin name of a species. Results are generated by querying other data sources.

 Meta Search Engine for Scientific Literature
Search Engines

A multi-search tool that permits queries from scientific journals.

 Online Journals Search Engine
Search Engines

A multi-search tool that permits queries of a number of scientific journals.

Search Engines

Search engine that fetches only scientific websites.

Search Engines

Science search engine and directory. Also provides forums, tools and related news.